2018 - MEMBERS


2018-2  Rev. Dr. Timothy Halverson, Faith, Cape Coral - Committee Co-Moderator
2019-1  Mr. David Rea, Hope United, Fort Myers - Committee Co-Moderator
2018-1  Rev. Dr. Jeffrey DeYoe, Covenant, Fort Myers
2018-1  Mr. Gene George, Pine Shores, Sarasota
2018-1  Rev. Dr. Ted Land, Lely, Fort Myers
2018-1  Rev. Michael Mansperger, P.C. of the Covenant, Sarasota
2019-1  Ms. Beverly Grady, Covenant, Fort Myers
2019-1  Ms. Rebecca Nicholson, Burnt Store, Punta Gorda
2019-1  Rev. R.C. Smith, Holy Trinity, North Fort Myers
2019-1  Rev. Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wiggins, Trinity, Venice
2019-2  Mr. Jim Beckwith, Westminster, Bradenton
2019-2  Ms. Molly Godley, Vanderbilt, Naples
2019-2  Rev. Elizabeth Kuehl, Faith, Cape Coral
2020-1  Ms. Judy Bremer, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, Sarasota
2020-1  Ms. Linda Getzen, Church of the Palms, Sarasota
2020-1  Mr. Wayne Largent, Community, Englewood
2020-1  Rev. Dr. Hope Lee, Kirkwood, Bradenton
2020-1  Mr. Dave Marchant, Faith, Cape Coral
2020-1  Rev. Dr. Tom Purchase, HR, Venice
*Rev. Graham Hart, General Presbyter
*Rev. Dr. Randy Moody, Stated Clerk
*Ex Officio

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