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Presbyterian Homes & Housing Foundation of Florida, Inc.

Board of Directors - 2019

(pending update from Board Meeting in April 2019)

2018   Mr. John Brandt, Buckingham, Fort Myers
2018   Ms. Laura Miller, Chapel by the Sea, Fort Myers Beach
2018   Mr. Robert Pritt, Hope United Church, Fort Myers
2018   Mr. James (Jim) Wilson, Cypress Lake, Fort Myers
2018   Vacant
2018   Vacant
2019   Ms. Judy Anthony, Faith, Cape Coral
2019   Ms. Faith Battan, First, Sarasota
2019   Ms. Rexann Hosafros, Chapel by the Sea, Fort Myers Beach
2019   Mr. Jim Malmfeldt, First, Sarasota
2019   Rev. Dr. Jerry Voye, HR, Palmetto
2019   Vacant
2020   Ms. Arlene Fisher, Chapel by the Sea, Fort Myers Beach
2020   Ms. Diana Fredricks, Cypress Lake, Fort Myers
2020   Mr. Tom Miner, PC of the Covenant, Sarasota
2020   Ms. DeAnne Sawyer, Covenant, Fort Myers
2020   Ms. Nancy Shimandle, Westminster, Bradenton
2020   Vacant

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